Character Costumes

COSMOS Banner Character Costume


“What a costume designer does is a cross between magic and camouflage. We create the illusion of changing the actors into what
they are not. “ — Edith Head

Costume Design, as the name suggests, is the creation of costume or clothing for a character in film, tv or theatre. The development of this overall appearance contributes heavily to the believability of the world and its population in a particular story.

Costume styles vary significantly depending on gender, nationality, geography, class, period, economics, religion, season and even character backstory. Historical dramas obviously rely heavily on believable and accurate character costume. Science fiction obviously accesses artistic license to the same effect.

Costume design is so impactful on the filmmaking process, that sometimes iconic movie characters are inseparable from their iconic costume. A leather jacket and fedora can only belong to one man… and if adventure had a name… it must be Indiana Jones! 

But remaining faithful to the old movie maxim, why tell, when you can show…? here is a collection of insightful vignette videos all about the costume design process and its value to the production, the actors and the audience. Enjoy.



One Simple Trick That Will Improve Your Film Lighting

reverse key banner

“What’s this?!” I hear you cry sceptically,

“Are you going to offer some kind of Holy Grail of lighting that will instantly make my movies look better?!”

Well… actually, yes. Quite simply if you put into practise the information below your movies will almost immediately look more… well movie like. It’s a simple yet incredibly effective lighting technique that should change the way you place your lamps… forever!

So, what is it exactly that I’m eluding to? Why, it’s Reverse Key Lighting of course. Don’t know what that is? You’re in luck, read on.


Creating a Great Movie Poster

COSMOS Banner Poster


“This isn’t the film making business… it’s the film marketing business”
– Dov Simens, Line Producer

As we all know poster art is incredibly important. As filmmakers we have one opportunity to grab the audience’s attention and make them want to watch our movie. Big Hollywood productions spend millions on P&A (Print & Advertising), releasing an endless barrage of teaser, trailers, TV spots, posters, character posters and more… and it’s easy to understand why.

As Dov Simens’ quote above clearly states, the marketing men in Hollywood know that no matter how amazing your movie is, no matter how strong the script is or how flawless the visuals are, that if people don’t know your film exists or they aren’t excited to see it… then you may as well have not made the movie in the first place.

It is the film industry after all, the whole point of the business is to “put bums on seats” and make money. Now whether you’re driven by the dollar or not, it’s still important to make money, because making money from your film means you get to make more films – investors/production companies focus on the bottom line. Do you have money making potential?

Your films could be personal character dramas, inspired spiritual journeys or action packed adventures, but I think we’re all in agreement that when we make a film… we want people to see it!

So join me as I explore the wonderful world of movie posters and in the process show you how we made ours!


The Best Free VFX Software for Filmmakers


About 2 years ago, a friend accidentally introduced me to a piece of software that has quite simply, changed the way I make films. Whether it’s for our TV documentaries, shorts, or our upcoming feature, COSMOS; this software has opened up possibilities that we never thought were possible for low-budget filmmakers.

blenderthumbThe software I’m referring to, is of course Blender. Many of you will undoubtedly have heard of Blender but for those who haven’t, I hope to encourage and inspire you to grab yourself a copy and dive straight in.

Whether you’re into animation, stills photography, concept art, animatics, 3D printing or live action filmmaking Blender has something for you, and what’s more… it’s absolutely, 100% Free for you to use right now. Sound exciting? Well then read on…


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