JULY 2014: Best Trailer Music OTM

Trailer Music

Hey folks, we’re back with this month’s best epic trailer music.
Here’s our top 5 for JULY 2014:

Confidential Music – Unashamed
Unbroken Trailer #1


Writing A Film Soundtrack – Where to Start

COSMOS Banner Soundtrack


“Composing music is hard work.” — John Williams


If there’s one partnership that proves how music and movies belong together, it’s this one.

Good music is a catalyst for both storyteller and viewer, as a film maker it will help you develop dynamic, exciting and original ideas and will act as the glue that holds your story together… but it goes beyond that – this glue will enhance your visuals, improve performances and sculpt the edit. It is, put simply, incredible.

We are very excited about the development of the COSMOS soundtrack as we are once again teaming up with our longtime collaborators and good friends, CDMH Music. The two members of the company, Chris Duncan and Mark Heath, will be writing guest posts exclusively for this blog, revealing their process and sharing tips and tricks along the way. The soundtrack is in its early days, but its already fantastic. We hope you’ll enjoy following along as it develops from concept tracks into the final score for the film. You can follow @CDMHMusic twitter for more regular updates from the guys and their progress.

This is the Cosmos Main Theme, one of two tracks currently in production for the film. Please have a listen and then read on below to discover how CDMH Music are developing this concept soundtrack.


So without further ado, let’s get going… Chris… Over to you!


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