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  1. Leo

     /  June 27, 2020

    Hey guyz! Enjoyed Cosmos, especially the story behind its making. Do you sell any movie posters – Cosmos posters? Let me know, thanks!


    • Hi Leo – thanks so much for giving our film a shot (thrilled that you enjoyed it!!) – we’ll be opening up an online store shortly and will be selling posters and Astro-Nut caps! Thanks so much for the support and interest, welcome to the Astro-Nuts! x


  2. Robert Richard Antaramian

     /  January 31, 2021

    I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Cosmos, on so many levels. The development of the relationships between the characters (incredible acting, editing, photography, lighting and dialogue!), the dedication to scientific discovery, the working as a team and what that means on a deep level, the bonding of the male characters (we need more movies that show that, not macho stuff!), are but a few of the aspects of this fine film. I saw it twice in two days, and recommended it to a like minded brother-in-law (an engineer, he; I majored in English literature but fancy my self an amateur scientist). I’m astounded at the “making of” piece. Your cast and crew’s dedication to the film is echoed in the film by the pursuits of the three main subjects of the film. The pacing was/is perfect. I’m an American, but with European film sensibilities. I would put this film in my top tier of films, both in the making, and my enjoyment of it. Bravo, and congratulations. Bob

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    • Wow, Bob. Just wow. What can we say?? Thank you so much for such an incredible comment, for giving our movie a shot and for coming on here leaving a message of such support and kindess. Means the world to us. We can’t quite believe how lucky we’ve been – people have really connected with the film, especially in such a difficult year. I absolutely love that you connected so much with the representation of the male characters, one of our goals was to portray a different form of masculinity to encourage others to act with courage from a place of kindness. Thank you again – your comment has been a wonderful start to the week! If you felt you could spare 2 mins would you please consider leaving us a quick rating or review on imdb (even pasting what you’ve written above)? It’d really help us out. I mean it when I say it however – there’s no pressure at all to do so. Your comment alone is worth far more to us than any rating or review.)

      Thank you again x



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