Welcome to the official Reel Deal Film School blog.

The Real Deal is a web-based filmmaking project aiming to encourage all filmmakers to get out there and get on with making movies, no matter what equipment or experience you have. We share our knowledge and tips & tricks we’ve picked up over the years with nearly 4000 YouTube subscribers and now want to expand this audience across Twitter and Facebook via this blog. Our aim is to build a supportive and collaborative community of filmmakers.

Another aspect to the Reel Deal is to allow you a behind-the-scenes look (to share our process) at the work that goes on at Elliander Pictures; a UK based Film & TV production company. Our work ranges from Independent TV Documentaries through to Music Videos and Online/TV Commercials. In pursuit of technical and creative excellence, we’re lucky enough to work alongside accomplished industry professionals, drawing on their experience as writers, directors and skilled technicians.

This blog will also chart the progress and production of two feature films; “COSMOS” which is a low-budget independent in the pre-production stage, and “ENCOUNTER” which is a more substantial project currently in development.

So, thank you for visiting the Reel Deal Film School, we hope you have a look around, enjoy the content and visit us again soon.

Elliot and Zander.

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  1. Hi Elliot and Zander!

    Firstly – great blog! I work with fighting badgers (fightingbadgers.wordpress.com) and we’ve just launched a new website you might be interested in – Indieboogie (www.indieboogie.com), designed to take the pain out of scheduling and shotlisting, and also encourage crowdsourcing of things like locations and props… all free 🙂 Would love it if you could check it out and let us know what you think! xx

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