One Simple Trick That Will Improve Your Film Lighting

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“What’s this?!” I hear you cry sceptically,

“Are you going to offer some kind of Holy Grail of lighting that will instantly make my movies look better?!”

Well… actually, yes. Quite simply if you put into practise the information below your movies will almost immediately look more… well movie like. It’s a simple yet incredibly effective lighting technique that should change the way you place your lamps… forever!

So, what is it exactly that I’m eluding to? Why, it’s Reverse Key Lighting of course. Don’t know what that is? You’re in luck, read on.


The Script-Readthrough

COSMOS Banner Script Readthrough


“If the script is right and the cast is right, there’s not much else that can go wrong.” — William Goldman

The read-through (also known as a table read) is a stage in pre-production when the film’s script is read aloud around a table by the full cast of actors, and is also attended by producers, writers, heads of departments and directors.

That Star Wars Read-Through

That Star Wars Read-Through

The read-through is a major milestone in the production process, giving the core filmmaking team an early insight into the project’s potential and also highlighting any problem areas hidden in the script, such as wooden dialogue or a lack of chemistry between cast members.

As read-throughs normally happen before any rehearsals, actors are not expected to give polished performances but simply to read their dialogue, as written on the page. However this process can be extremely beneficial for an actor, giving them the chance to find their character and begin building relationships with their fellow cast members.

For the writers and directors, the read-through is not only useful but one of the most exciting parts of the filmmaking process — after months, sometimes years of development, it’s exhilarating to finally see a project come to life and the characters burst off the written page into living, breathing people. (more…)

“Who Killed British Cinema?” – The Documentary Stirring Up the UK Indie Film Industry

“The documentary they don’t want you to see!”

Who Killed British Cinema? PosterOn Monday 9th March, Zander and I were lucky enough to attend a screening of the feature documentary “Who Killed British Cinema?” 

Using exclusive interviews with Oscar, BAFTA and Palme d’Or winners, up and coming British film makers, film industry insiders, journalists, distributors, the CNC and members of UK Parliament, Robin Dutta and Vinod Mahindru of Quota Films have crafted an entertaining and educational film that challenges your pre-conceptions of the British indie film industry and exposes some very concerning truths about the now closed UK Film Council (UKFC).

The film features contributions from Sir Ben Kingsley (Schindler’s List, Gandhi)Lord David Puttnam (The Killing Fields, The Mission, Chariots of Fire), Sir Alan Parker (Evita, Mississippi Burning), Mike Hodges (Flash Gordon, Get Carter), Ken Loach (Kes), Stephen Frears (High Fidelity, The Queen, Dangerous Liaisons), Iain Smith (The A-Team, Mad Max: Fury Road), Jonathan Gems (Mars Attacks!, 1984) and Michael Kuhn (The Duchess, Last Days on Mars).

“Who Killed British Cinema?” is a raw, no-holds-barred critical inspection of where Britain stands within the global film business, and how UK public funds are used in an industry that was once a jewel in the crown of Britain’s very distinct creative arts culture. This documentary is not for the faint-hearted but it has been made with love and devotion by two filmmakers who clearly care deeply about the past, present and future of the British film industry.

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see the film and it certainly gave us food for thought so we wanted to share “Who Killed British Cinema?” with the wider filmmaking community.

You can find out more about “Who Killed British Cinema?” at the Quota Films website or via their Facebook and Twitter.

Elliot @EllandZand 

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