Mimic the Movie Masters: STEVEN SPIELBERG – Part TWO

Want your movies to look more like Spielberg’s? Check out this great article.

Through The Lens Film School

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Mimic the Movie Masters

spielberg thumb part 2Welcome back to Part TWO of my study of Mr. Spielberg; if you haven’t read Part ONE, I’d strongly recommend it if you’re interested in his signature “Push In”. The idea of this series is to give you, the filmmakers, more tools at your disposal, to further improve your work and help take it to the next level. I am going to highlight certain director’s individual cinematic signature shooting styles, so you can understand and apply these master techniques to your own independent movies. But anyway, enough of that, you’re here to read Part TWO. So let’s get on with it!

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How to Load a Film Camera – Arriflex 16SR

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Howdy ya’ll!

Recently we discussed 10 Lessons Every Filmmaker Learns When Shooting On Film and as a follow up to that article, I thought I’d piece together something on how to load a Film Camera – specifically the Arriflex 16SR.

arri sr v.2

Arriflex 16SR

It goes without saying that digital cameras are superb, but for many filmmakers (including myself) shooting on film is still something to aspire towards. And if you’re one of those filmmakers thinking the same, then you need to know your way around a film camera and know how to load it.

This isn’t meant to be a pro-film/bash-digital article — everyone has their opinion and they’re entitled to them — this is purely and simply a walk-through on the best techniques for loading film with some handy does & don’ts, if you are interested in giving film a go… or generally just interested. (more…)

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