The Importance of Location Scouting

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“Location. Location. Location.”

Picture some of the greatest films in cinema history and y0u’ll be blinded by a vast canvas of filming locations… we’re not talking constructed film sets here, we’re talking places out in the real world that the crew have travelled to.

Filming on practical locations is at the very heart of cinema itself — Just watch this stunning tribute montage to the late, great Tony Scott (expertly crafted by sigug) and keep an eye on all the amazing locations he used…


Creating a Great Movie Poster

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“This isn’t the film making business… it’s the film marketing business”
– Dov Simens, Line Producer

As we all know poster art is incredibly important. As filmmakers we have one opportunity to grab the audience’s attention and make them want to watch our movie. Big Hollywood productions spend millions on P&A (Print & Advertising), releasing an endless barrage of teaser, trailers, TV spots, posters, character posters and more… and it’s easy to understand why.

As Dov Simens’ quote above clearly states, the marketing men in Hollywood know that no matter how amazing your movie is, no matter how strong the script is or how flawless the visuals are, that if people don’t know your film exists or they aren’t excited to see it… then you may as well have not made the movie in the first place.

It is the film industry after all, the whole point of the business is to “put bums on seats” and make money. Now whether you’re driven by the dollar or not, it’s still important to make money, because making money from your film means you get to make more films – investors/production companies focus on the bottom line. Do you have money making potential?

Your films could be personal character dramas, inspired spiritual journeys or action packed adventures, but I think we’re all in agreement that when we make a film… we want people to see it!

So join me as I explore the wonderful world of movie posters and in the process show you how we made ours!


Casting the ‘Astro-Nuts’

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CASTING THE ‘Astro-Nuts’

“I always take great care in casting my movies… you develop good characters with good casting.” — Ridley Scott

Every Director will tell you… Casting is everything.

The history of film is littered with examples of both good and bad casting. In the hands of an experienced actor, the corniest dialogue can effortlessly bubble with life… but an inexperienced actor can just as easily murder a film’s chances of success. Will your film serve as an inspiration to others… or a warning?

Watch this short video of director Ed Burns and commit his golden-nuggets of advice to memory…


Good filmmaking is 95% good casting — Ed Burns, Director.

Committing to finding the right actor for the right role is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as a filmmaker. You can only make a good film if you cast good actors… and be under no allusion — good actors are hard to find.


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